Remember The Sabbath

sabbath Remember The SabbathFor the last few Sundays, God has really been talking to me… it’s to the point where it’s almost ‘freaky’ for lack of a better term. It started with ‘Being an Unstoppable Idiot’, and it’s continuing.

Something similar to this happened to my mom, and I NEVER thought it would happen to me. What’s funny is that my mom started to tell me things that would happen… She would have dreams, and tell me things I had done… even when I was 600 miles away from home. It was crazy! Hence, I don’t mess with my mom when it comes to Jesus. She knows Him WAY better than I do!

As I was saying, this past Sunday was no different. The message in church was about remembering the Sabbath. I’ll go with my usual disclaimer… I’m a Christian. You all know it. I’m not trying to convert you. I’m sharing my beliefs. This is my blog, so that makes it OK… Moving on…

My team with Empower Network is currently deep in Operation Red Lanyard. We are attempting to have more people in a top earner spots than any other team!


We are working! We are pushing! We are relentless! I almost feel like we’re the Borg… yeah, I’m a trekkie too… This just keeps getting worse…

Anyway, the message this Sunday simply said,

‘Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy’….

Here’s what the Bible says:

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God. On it you shall not do any work, you, or your son, or your daughter, your male servant, or your female servant, or your livestock, or the sojourner who is within your gates. For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.

Sidenote: Your Sabbath doesn’t have to be Sunday. It can be whatever day you want. The point is to have one.

Here’s a thought for you: God created the earth in 6 days, and on the 7th day He rested. When do you rest?

More on keeping the Sabbath


Keep marching forward,

B7ED29933E279DF390D2DDA3056E883A Remember The Sabbath
PS. If worrying about your financial status is keeping you from observing your Sabbath, click here for the solution!

Newbie Tip - Leverage The Success Of Others

stressed marketer Newbie Tip   Leverage The Success Of Others As a new marketer, you see all the stories –

Mr. X generated 300 leads in 2 days


Mrs. Y made $30,000 in 3 months

You see all the crowds flocking to those people, because they have success to leverage. It’s Attraction Marketing in high gear!

As a new marketer, you may wonder how you will be able to attract people when you don’t have a success story of your own yet. You wonder how in the world you will get to be Mr. X or Mrs. Y, when you haven’t generated your first lead yet. Well, you learn to leverage the success of others!

Picture this:

You are on a great team in your business – it doesn’t matter if it’s affiliate marketing or network marketing. So, you’re on this great team. You see someone on your team has had a HUGE breakthrough. Let’s say Jeff has signed 5 people into his team.

Now, you’re thinking, ‘That’s great!… but that’s Jeff. What does that have to do with me?’

The answer is EVERYTHING!

Definition of leverage: The use of a small initial investment, credit, or borrowed funds to gain a very high return in relation to one’s investment.

For our purpose, leverage is defined as: The use of a borrowed story to gain exposure and generate leads (a high return on investment).

If you and Jeff are in the same company, you can leverage (borrow from) Jeff’s success. Mind you, I’m not telling you to lie and say you accomplished something you did not. That is not OK.

What you can do, however, is tell Jeff’s story. That is LEVERAGING Jeff’s story.

Example: You can share how your business partner or team mate Jeff signed up 5 people in one day.

And then…

(this is the good part) …

You get to say, ‘I can show you the strategies he used.’


So, Jeff has had the success, BUT you are borrowing it to create a large return on no investment.

By leveraging Jeff’s story, you are establishing your association with a producer. Everybody wants to be in the producer club!

It’s almost like a Rockstar who has an entourage. In this case, Jeff is the star and you’re the entourage.

Don’t worry. Being the entourage is NOT bad, because by leveraging Jeff’s story, you will eventually become the rockstar.

Now, here’s where you gotta be really savvy!

If done properly, you will generate some buzz and get some leads. This is where you really have to be on the jump and leverage your success… No matter how small!

For instance, if you leverage Jeff’s story and generate 5 leads. Then you immediately (like within the next 24 hours), start sharing content such as: ‘I generated 5 leads in 12 hours, let me show you how I did it’!

You may be thinking that 5 leads is nothing. There is someone out there who would be DYING to generate 5 leads! Those are the people who will come to you!

Pretty soon, there will be someone else who will leverage your story to generate some buzz for themselves.


Let me show you how it looks:

My friend and business partner Nicole Cooper walked away with this check after 90 days!

Nicole Cooper EN Commissions 300x300 Newbie Tip   Leverage The Success Of Others

Click here now to see how she did it!


See how easy that was?

Here’s what you do now:

Find someone who is blazing a trail in your business – not a top earner, but someone up and coming. Look for stories about those who are doing better than you, and doing great and wonderful things. Start leveraging those stories immediately!

Keep marching forward!
B7ED29933E279DF390D2DDA3056E883A Newbie Tip   Leverage The Success Of Others

PS. If you find yourself hard pressed to find a success story to leverage, come hang out with us… we have plenty to share!

Military Spouses [MilSpouses] have been challenged in the workplace for years. At some point, you have been introduced to a home-based business. You were introduced to it as an alternative to finding a job, and as a means of making money from home, with the flexibility to work around your family and your soldier spouse.

Add to that…

If you’ve been in the home-based business industry, and you’ve been trying to grow your business on the internet, you have a blog or have considered blogging. To be truthful, if you plan to be visible on the internet at all, blogging is not an option.

My personal experience with blogging is that it has taken me 2 years to get my personal blog just the way I want it. This includes design, widgets, plugins etc… and even still, I find there is something I could do better or a better tool I could use, or a different I could implement to monetize my blog that will help me make money by blogging.

If you fall into either of those categories, read on…

Wouldn’t you agree that we’re in this industry to make money?

Be honest.

Whether network marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing or in the traditional sense, we’re all looking for that one thing that will help reach that ultimate destination – being rich.

OR… for the politically correct folks – Financial Freedom.

Read the rest of the original article here.

How does Empower Network Benefit The MilSpouse?

empower network Empower Network Review for A MilSpouse By A MilSpouse

Empower Network is internet-based. You don’t have to resign a position when you move. You don’t have to look for a new job. The business you build is global and travels with you. All you need is an internet connection!

No more parties.

No more inventory.

Nothin’ but the net!

AND… It’s residual income.

Click here to get a peek at how to capitalize on this trend!


Keep marching forward,

B7ED29933E279DF390D2DDA3056E883A Empower Network Review for A MilSpouse By A MilSpouse
PS. Have you heard about the $1k per day challenge? Get more info here! Join the party here!

Since I started this series, one of the questions I never answered is: What to do if you’re not sure you want to blog. There are people out there who blog primary colors Blogging Basic Training: What Do I Do If Im Not Sure If I Want To Blogare not sure if blogging is for them. They’d like to test the waters before doing the proverbial cannonball! I can certainly understand that, and to be quite honest, I wish I had known these things before I did the cannonball! Here are some options to try out blogging if you’re not sure you want to blog.

Try a Viral Blogging System if you’re not sure you want to blog

A viral blogging system is a great way to start if you have thought that you’re not sure if you want to blog. This is a low-cost  option that offers several benefits. Because the system is housed on an aged domain, your blog posts rank higher in the search engines than on a new blog or a free-hosted blog. The reason I recommend this so highly is that this is a ‘learn and earn’ opportunity. You will be able to earn 100% commissions on each person you refer to the network. Not only that, you will have access to training from other master marketers in the industry to learn how they have grown their businesses on the internet.

Free hosted blogs are great to figure out if you want to blog

While I’m openly not a fan of free-hosted blogs for business, I would definitely suggest this as a place to start to see if you want a blog. One of the best ones I’ve seen out there is I like Weebly, because you can start out free – with your own domain – and then upgrade to paid hosting later on. The caution with free hosting of course is ownership. Otherwise, I believe Weebly is a great option to have one foot in the water and one on land. Your posts won’t rank as well in the search engines. If you’re not sure that you want to blog, then this really is the least of your concerns.

Facebook notes are AWESOME to decide if you want to blog

Facebook notes are a STELLAR option for blogging if you’re not sure you want to blog. The reason Facebook notes are SUPER cool is that you can blog without really having a blog. The downside to Facebook notes is that you have to know a little Hyper Text Mark Up Language (HTML) code in order to place links and add pictures. Facebook notes can be shared on Facebook, and there is a unique link to each of your notes. You can share that unique link on other social sites as well. Facebook notes are a great way to build your brand and your following before you have a self-hosted blog or website.

Don’t know if you want to blog? Microblogging sites can help you!

A microblog is different from blogging in the content size is usually smaller. The reason microblogging rocks as an option if you’re on the fence about whether you want to blog is that you they are a quick exchange of ideas. All you need to get started is a working email address. Some examples of microblogging sites are: Tumblr, Posterous, and Twitter. With microblogging sites, you can upload pictures, text and video rather quickly, BUT you are building on someone else’s domain. My advice when using microblogging sites is to maintain a copy of your posts for yourself. When you decide to make blogging a central part of your internet marketing, you won’t have to worry about moving your content. With microblogging sites, as well as with free-hosted blogs, if your content disappears, it’s usually gone.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s edition of Blogging Basic Training. Hindsight is that I probably should have written this post a LONG time ago. If you’re not sure you want to blog, try out one of the low to no-cost methods above to get your feet wet! Share this post on Facebook!

Love and Faith,
B7ED29933E279DF390D2DDA3056E883A Blogging Basic Training: What Do I Do If Im Not Sure If I Want To Blog
PS. Something HUGE is happening in my business! If you want to be a part of it… Make sure you’re on my email list and keep an eye out for my emails… It’s coming soon!!

Why You're Failing In Empower Network

empower network Why Youre Failing In Empower NetworkEmpower Network burst on the scene October 31, 2011 and grew at an unprecedented rate! To say it spread like wildfire would be an understatement. People bought it because of the hype. People bought it because of the hope it offered, and some people just bought it to be a part of the newest movement. I became a part of the Empower Network because of the value in the system. With all the program has to offer, people are failing in Empower Network… and failing miserably! I’ll tell you why!

First Step To Failing in Empower Network  – NOT Blogging Daily

The main reason people are failing in Empower Network is that they aren’t following the first step – blog daily. Daily means every day, every 24 hours … not blog today, skip tomorrow and the next day, and then blog again the day after that. Blog daily. If you’re new to Empower Network or blogging, just get in the habit of blogging. You can talk about anything, just get in the habit! Once you’re in the habit of blogging, you can focus on keywords and search engine optimization.

To add to this, people who already had their own personal blogs are failing in Empower Network, because they aren’t using their Empower Network blog. If you are not using the blog, how will you expect others to join you? It’s like selling a product you never tried before. Where is your integrity here??

People are failing in Empower Network, because they aren’t telling others!

The next reason people are failing in Empower Network is that they aren’t following step 2 – tell others. Well, how do you tell others?

Promote your blog posts

This is something that has just got me in a tizzy! If you are in Empower Network, promoting your blog posts ABOUT Empower Network to other people IN Empower Network is STUPID!


Go fishing where the Empower Network is NOT! It’s like preaching to the choir. I know you share your posts in your Empower Network community to get comments and likes, etc. but don’t stop there. There are kabillions of groups out there on social networking sites, go join something outside of Empower Network Groups.

Connect with people

You are failing in Empower Network, because you’re not connecting with people! This does not mean SPAM your Empower Network link all over the place! The first step to connecting with others is connecting with them first. Learn about them using the FORM method. If you do that, you’ll figure out if the Empower Network is for them or not. You have to find their need and fill it.
This happened just yesterday: [This is the short version]
I connected with a gentleman on Facebook. He was quite brash in his response to me. The only thing I said was, ‘Hi ____. We’ve been friends on Facebook, but I don’t think we’ve ever connected. What’s going on in your world?’
His response: I don’t have a business. I’m checking out opportunities. Send me your link, and I’ll get back to you.
Me: That’s not how I work.

He went on to tell me about how he’s been in other companies and failed, and that he’s trying to do his ‘due diligence’ to find the ‘right company’.
I said: Perhaps network marketing isn’t for you. Have you thought about monetizing some of your other skills? [He’s an IT person.]
I told him this: It doesn’t matter your opportunity or service. You will fail. You will fail, because you don’t know how to market.

That stopped him dead in his tracks. I had his attention. I went on to explain that the focus of Empower Network is to teach you how to market on the internet, and how he would learn from the best marketers in the industry.

I found his need, and offered a solution. By the time the conversation was over, he lost the attitude and was open to listening. That’s how you tell others about Empower Network. Build relationships.

The third reason you are failing in Empower Network – you aren’t getting paid!

If you don’t follow the first two steps, it stands to reason that you will fail at step 3. By the same token, when you follow steps 1 and 2, you will reap the reward with step 3 – Get paid. If you blog daily with content that will draw other readers in, AND you tell enough other people about Empower Network, you will get build your Empower Network business. The process is simple. Never said it was easy, but it is simple.

Stop failing in Empower Network

If you’re not where you want to be in Empower Network, ask yourself if you’re following the plan. If you’re not, get on track and start today. If you are following the plan, stick to it. The plan works.
To find out more about how Empower Network can work for you, click here.

EN prove it to me 300x58 Why Youre Failing In Empower Network

Love and Faith,
B7ED29933E279DF390D2DDA3056E883A Why Youre Failing In Empower Network
PS. To access the information I am using to get AMAZING results in my business, CLICK HERE.

pixel Why Youre Failing In Empower Network
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