The only time I’ve ever seen ‘follow the leader’ work out for everybody was in elementary school. What’s even better is that when the leader starts doing stuff that’s not fun, there is usually another kid who jumps in as leader. The ousted leader, though unhappy, will fall in line and follow the new leader. Oh how I wish adult life was that simple! Over the past week, I have witnessed some games of ‘follow the leader’ that, frankly, had me just speechless. There’s so much to share that one blog post will NOT cover it.

Liarship vs. Leadership

One of my colleagues shared this video with me. Roger Holmes made this video, and you can tell there is passion in his voice. The video called ‘Liarship vs. Leadership’ talks about top earners making promises to their downlines, with no regard for accountability.

Take a look:

When you choose to follow an industry leader, you MUST do it for the right reason. If you follow them, ONLY because they claim they can show you the ‘Promised Land’; CONGRATULATIONS… you just made a terrible decision. You have to believe in the person AND the business they are promoting. Because when something doesn’t go as planned, you STILL have a business to run.

Don’t follow someone because they make awesome promises. Take all the promises and bonuses away from the equation. If you would still join that person in business with all the extras removed, then do it. If not, then walk away.

Roger is right in stating that this is nothing new. Please, please, PLEASE… use your head. Make your own decision and for the right reasons.

Let me know what you think about Roger’s video!

Love and Faith,
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 Leadership Chronicles: Liarship Vs. Leadership

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pixel Leadership Chronicles: Liarship Vs. Leadership

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