Dara Torres has to be one of my favorite athletes. I’m not a huge sports fan per se, but I love the summer Olympics – Swimming, Gymnastics, Track and Field, and Beach Volleyball. When Dara Torres made the team in 2008, I was stoked! Here was this 41 year old lady who was whipping up on some young whipper snappers! I was sure that she was done then, but Dara Torres came back in 2012 ready to rock!

SIDENOTE: I am not a sportscaster. This is not a sports blog. This is just a story that touched me.

At 41, Dara Torres became the oldest person to qualify for the Olympic Games (2008).

It was awesome! Can you just imagine the scene, some 15 year old telling her to ‘go home’, and after the race is over Dara saying ‘you got beat by someone old enough to be your mom’!

While I don’t think our Olympians are unsportsmanlike, I can just imagine some teenager looking at Dara Torres and wondering ‘why is she here’.

Dara Torres’ Olympic career came to an end Monday night when she didn’t make the team. She came in 4th place in the final 50 meter sprint. Only the top 2 advanced. Her daughter was in the stands watching. Dara’s daughter was too young to care about her mom making the Olympic team in 2008, but you could see the excitement and hopefulness in her eyes as mommy entered the pool.

I was excited too!

In 2012, at age 45, Dara Torres is still competing against girls almost a third of her age… and kicking butt!

dara torres Dara Torres Came Up Short For The Olympics

Photo from USA Today

Dara Torres is truly an example for all of us…

During her interview after the race, Dara Torres was holding her daughter, who was distraught over not being able to go to London. It was so sad to see. Dara, of course, was as noble and professional as anyone could be. Her bid for what would have been her 6th Olympic games was over.

Why do I care?

I think about applying Dara Torres’ endurance, courage, and strength to keep going to my life and my business. She could have easily retired a long time ago, and still been a great Olympian, but she didn’t. I think we get complacent in life and business. We ‘retire’ when we’ve still got fight left in us.

Dara Torres is a ‘whatever it takes’ kind of lady.

She actually bought a starting block, exactly like the one she would be using to compete, and put it in her pool. She spent $5000 so she’d be able to practice on the same block she’d be using to compete… Whatever it takes.

Do you do whatever it takes? Or do you accept defeat when it gets hard?

I’m inspired to be a find-a-way, make-a-way kind of person, and to do whatever it takes. No whining. No complaining… just do whatever it takes.

No sleep? So what? Sleep when you’re dead!

Frustrated? So what? Get over it and get it done!

Wanna quit? Tough! Quitting is not allowed!

Dara Torres is a shining example of what I hope to become as a business person. To do whatever it takes… To never give up.  To be able to compete with sharpest of the sharp and come out on top!

What do you think about Dara Torres’ Olympic performance?


Keep marching forward,



PS. If you needed $5000 to get a tool you felt you needed, how would you do it?

 Dara Torres Came Up Short For The Olympics

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