How to Curate Content

Content creation is a tough job. There is no two ways about it. Bloggers do it, because we love it. Video marketers, article marketers… whatever industry you’re in… If you’re creating content, you’re doing it, because you love it. Even with that love, it can be challenging. Finding new content and innovative ways to present the content is always on the mind of the creator. We want people to come to our sites to get valuable information. We want people to like hanging out with us virtually, so it is imperative that we give them a reason to stay there.

What reigns supreme? CONTENT. ALWAYS. PERIOD.

One way to survive a tough day is by curating content, in this instance a blog post or a series of posts. By definition, it essentially means that out of all the valuable stuff you find out there on the web, you select the most valuable stuff and pass it on to your network. It doesn’t have to be written content, it can be video as well.

Watch the following video to find out how to curate a blog post.

Now if you want to curate a series of blog posts, you’ll need to do the following.

  1. Collect the URLs of your favorite posts – preferably ones that are getting a lot of traffic.
  2. Collect or write descriptions for each of those posts
  3. Add them to your blog.

The Drudge Report is the best known curated blogs. It’s ugly, but it’s effective nonetheless. People read it all the time.

This is what one of their pages looks like:

drudge report 300x146 How To Curate A Blog Post

Homepage of Drudge Report

Content curation is nothing new; however, it has to be done correctly. Whether you curate one blog post or several, make sure to give credit and link back to the owner of the original work. By not giving credit to the original author, you are plagiarizing and stealing content. Yep – giving credit is the tiny step that keeps you from being a thief.


Keep marching forward,
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 How To Curate A Blog Post

 How To Curate A Blog Post

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